Hamburger Mary’s Charity Bingo was a success!

April 8, 2010

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the Hamburger Mary’s Charity Bingo event for AniMeals Monday night. It was a huge success and a fun time had by all.  $670.00 was raised for AniMeals.    I want to thank everyone for posting flyers and telling family and friends about the event.  Hamburger Mary’s commented that they could tell we had really done a good job advertising based on the number of people in attendance.   Also, thanks to everyone who volunteered at the event and to those of you who helped with the Bingo prizes.   Thanks for making this event a huge success!   Kandi



  1. jack says:

    hello my names jack butera and i work @ the catholic worker house in cedar rapids iowa and i was wondering if u had a # that i can have to people in need and if there was a way we can have food droped off here and u could pick it up ? thanx u and god bless .jack butera

  2. kellisanders says:

    Jack, please refer clients in need to our Application for Enrollment, located under “About” then “Forms.” For additional information about Cedar Rapids AniMeals, please visit our FAQ page. Thanks for visiting!

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