When and why was Cedar Rapids AniMeals started?

AniMeals, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers, began in December of 2000 to serve home delivered meal recipients.  AniMeals was started by two volunteers of the Cedar Valley Humane Society, a Petco employee and a Meals on Wheels employee.  The Petco employee thought there must be a better way for some of the elderly to obtain food for their pets. She found a program in San Diego, The Helen Woodward Animal Center,  had established a program in 1984 called AniMeals. Their program started when a Meals on Wheels volunteer went back to get her purse after she had taken food for someone only to find the person feeding some of the food to her dog.  They found there were many other home-delivered meal recipients doing the same thing.   Cedar Rapids AniMeals was founded to help prevent this from occurring in our community.

What does AniMeals do?

Cedar Rapids AniMeals is a volunteer based nonprofit organization.  We provide food and spay/neuter assistance for the pets of the elderly, disabled and families in need, helping them keep their companion, which greatly improves the quality of life for both.

We currently provide free pet food and supplies to over 280 clients and over 400 pets throughout Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha. Currently the program is limited to serving cats and dogs.

Do you only help individuals who are elderly or disabled or do you help people who are unemployed or just going through a rough time?

Individuals must receive social security or disability or need to be referred to us by a case worker.  We are unable to provide assistance for individuals who are unemployed or going through rough times but may be able to refer them to another agency for assistance.

How do I enroll in your program?

An Application for Enrollment must be completed and returned with the necessary documentation to: Cedar Rapids AniMeals, Attn: Client Coordinator, PO Box 11195, Cedar Rapids, IA  52410.  This application can be found under “About” and then “Forms” on this website.  It may be printed and mailed to the address above.  If you do not have access to a printer, you may request an application be mailed to you by contacting the Client Coordinator at 319-365-6201.

What area do you serve?

We serve individuals in Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha.

How many clients and pets do you serve?

We currently serve over 280 clients per month and over 400 pets per month.

What kind of pets do you provide food for?

The program is currently serving cats and dogs.

How much pet food does it take to feed all of those pets?

We currently use about 1100 lbs of dry dog food each month and 700 lbs of dry cat food.  The amount varies based on the number of pets enrolled in the program.

How often do you deliver food?

Dog and cat food is delivered every month. We make every effort to deliver between the 7th and the 14th of the month so our clients know when to expect their food. 

What kind and brand of food will my pet get?

All cats and dogs will receive dry food unless they have a medical condition that requires canned food.   We operate entirely on donations from the community so the brand of food your pet receives will vary from month to month.   We cannot guarantee that your pet will receive a specific brand of food.

I can provide food for my pets but I just can’t afford to get them spayed or neutered. Can you help?

Our organization is not a low cost spay neuter organization.  Our primary purpose is to provide pet food assistance.  If you are looking for assistance with spaying or neutering your pet, please contact Spay Iowa 888-977-2942 and they can provide you with some options.

Do you help with routine vet care such as exams and vaccinations?

No, unfortunately we do not have funding for routine vet care.

Can you help if my pet requires surgery?

No, unfortunately we do not have funding for vet care such as surgeries.

I can no longer keep my pet.  Can you take it or find a home for it?

We are unable to help in this area as we are not a shelter or rescue and do not foster pets.  If you have tried to find a good home for your pet and have exhausted all options, you may want to contact Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control 319-286-5993 or the Cedar Valley Humane Society 319-362-6288.  There are also several rescue groups in our area.  You can locate them by searching the internet.

This is a great program and I’d love to help. How do I get involved?

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@cranimeals.org

Monetary donations may be mailed to:
Cedar Rapids AniMeals
PO Box 11195
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-1195
Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law

Where can I drop off donations of pet food and supplies?

We have donation bins located at:
1450 Twixt Town Rd.

Pawsitive Paws Academy
137 30th St Drive SE
Cedar Rapids

Help pets by donating!

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